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Hello, we would like to introduce you to XTech which specializes in PC boards for Bennett HFQ X-ray generators. XTech was founded to fill the need for technical support, parts, and affordable PC boards for these generators. My name is Don McFate, President and founder of XTech Service, Inc. I have been in the electronics industry for over twenty five years designing and developing automated IC test equipment, supplying technical support, and recently performing engineering functions to develop a High Frequency X-ray generator. Although our specialty is Bennett HFQ generator PC boards, XTech is expanding our product line to include PC boards for single phase Bennett and many other x-ray generators. Please check out our web site at www.xtechxray.com to view all the exciting new products coming soon, If you have nonworking boards that need repair, or would like to sell, please contact us at:
8752 East Wildflower Lane.
Rogersville, MO 65742
Ph: (417) 753-9184 Fax:(417) 753-1560

Don McFate

What is your XTech Quotient?
Do you have a need for PC boards and parts for Bennett generators at a reasonable price?
Do you need a lamp timer board for a Dial-X or Machlett collimator?
Are you paying Universal $168 for a rotor time delay, solid state relay? That is if they have one in stock!
re you having difficulty finding a timer board for an older generator?
Do you feel as though you are paying too much for HV diode rectifier sticks or SCRs?
Did you answer yes to any of the questions above?













Solution 1
XTech specializes in repaired PC boards for the HFQ series, C/D-325 Imagers and other Bennett generators. We carry FET and IGBT Current Drivers, batteries, electric locks, displays, and more for these units.

Solution 2
We can also repair your Logic board for 4-way or 6-way float, elevating Bennett tables.

Solution 3
We have rebuilt lamp timer boards for Dial-X and Machlett collimators.

Solution 4
We have new, hard to find, rotor time delay relays for Universal Easymatics. (reasonably priced)

Solution 5
We can repair or exchange the Tempo timer boards found in many units built by several manufacturers. These include: Universal Easymatics, Tingle TXR-325, Fischer LFS-300 and others.

Solution 6
We have low cost SCRs and HV diode rectifier sticks for most applications.